Hello, I am Girish.


I enjoy working on all layers of the software stack and like figuring out how things work from the bottom up. I have written device drivers for Cisco routers, implemented a TCP/IP stack for DOS, designed Qt’s Style Sheets and auto completion framework, co-developed ODF text support in KWord, added Flash support for Qt/WebKit, prototyped Calligra Office for the WeTab, and developed a super scalable cloud service based on AWS.

I have Approver status in the Qt project, Owner status in the Crosswalk project, Committer status in theWebKit project.

My Open Source projects page has more information about my projects.

I am not looking for a job, but here’s my reasonably up-to-date resume.

What’s in a name

I don’t have a surname or a middle name. For many years, I was just ‘R. Girish’. The patronymic ‘R’ denotes my father’s name ‘Ramakrishnan’. When the time came to apply for a passport, I had to fill out my last name as ‘Ramakrishnan’ since it was mandatory! And thus my name of today, ‘Girish Ramakrishnan’.

Girish is a Sandhi of Giri (mountain) +Ish (god) – another name for Shiva. Ramakrishnan is a Sandhi of Rama (Ramayana hero) + Krishna (Mahabharatha hero). Rama and Krishna are avatars of Vishnu.


Email me : girish@forwardbias.in
Freenode (irc): girishr (#qt-labs, #qtwebkit channels)