Open Source

This page lists my open source projects. Closed source and commercial projects are here.


Flash in 3D View

Flash in 3D world

I am a member of the WebKit team and have committer status in the WebKit project. I implemented windowless mode and accelerated composition of NPAPI plugins (Flash) for the Qt WebKit port. You can view my contributions here. I co-developed LLQtWebKit to enable Second Life to render Flash in their 3d viewer on Mac, Windows and Linux.

My QtWebKit blog.


Crosswalk is a HTML5 based on chromium. I have owner status in the Crosswalk project’s Android and Mac port.


I am a long time Qt developer and I am an approver in the Qt project (contributions and reviews).

Open Suse Installer - Qt Style Sheets

Open Suse Installer – Qt Style Sheets

I am the designer and implementer of Qt Style Sheets. I was the developer of Qt’s auto completion framework. I am the author of Qt 4’s GDI paint engine. I was part of the Qt widgets team and as part of the team, I developed various classes including QMessageBox, QLabel, QSizeGrip, QSystemTrayIcon, QStyledItemDelegate. I was part of the team that added support for widgets on the canvas and the next generation layout system (QGraphicsLayout).

I ported Qt to MinGW/MSYS.

I was the release manager for Qt 4.3.x release and some 4.2.x releases.

For Qt5, I added Qt/Device support which involved porting Qt to various devices including raspberry-pi, amlogic 8726M, “animal” boards, broadcom 7425. As part of this effort, I became the maintainer of EGLFS and LinuxFB QPA backends.

My Qt blog is archived here.

Node.js projects

All node.js projects are available through npm.


QtMediaHub is a completely skinnable 10-foot-ui media player written using QML (Video 1, 2, 3). I am one of the lead developers.


Bedrock is a Qt based library to access git data stores.


Along with Thomas Zander, I designed and revamped the ODT/ODF support in KWord. I added support for lists, sublists, unnumbered paragraphs, list headers among other things.


I am the original author of KDocker (source). KDocker docks any application into the system tray. The project is now developed and maintained by John Schember.




For fun, Johannes and I ported Qt to use libcaca. This work was slashdotted.


I write lots of small programs and examples that I publish as opensource. You can view a complete list at ForwardBias Gitweb and gitorious. Some notable projects:

  • cordova-plugin-datagram – Cordova 3.x plugin for sending and receiving UDP messages
  • mugshot – Qt/X11 Webcam viewer using XVideo/libv4l2
  • img2pdf – Converts a collection images to a single PDF
  • npploader – Qt host for NPAPI plugins
  • qjsonparser – A LALR JSON parser
  • xembedoffscreen – Embedding X11 widgets using off-screen rendering
  • Generic URL Creator is a firefox extension to create url’s on the fly from selected text.
  • TCP/IP Stack for DOS – I wrote this using odipkt. Unfortunately, I only have the printouts of the source code!