When sqlite queries fail for no reason

If you have worked with QtSql, you might have hit the dreaded “Parameter count mismatch” for your perfectly valid SQL query. The problem is excruciatingly hard to debug because the query itself works perfectly fine with the sqlite3 tool.
Here’s the solution: Compile Qt with -system-sqlite.
The problem: Qt uses it’s own sqlite3 headers under src/3rdparty by […]

On WebKit and WebKit2

Ever heard of WebKit2 and wondering what it means from a Qt perspective? Here’s an attempt to explain QtWebKit and QtWebKit2 in simple terms. I make no attempt to be completely technically correct, it’s meant to be able to explain terminology to the WebKit uninitiated.
In WebKit lingo, “WebCore” is the thing that takes of parsing/layouting/rendering […]


I find this script (notify-me) most useful when I build webkit 🙂

Just ‘make && notify-me’. You will get a tray notification when the build is complete. Code is not mine, it’s ripped from some site.

#!/usr/bin/env python
“””This is a python 2.5 script that creates a notification using dbus.”””
import dbus
item = (‘org.freedesktop.Notifications’)
path = (‘/org/freedesktop/Notifications’)
interface = (‘org.freedesktop.Notifications’)

icon = ”
array = ”
hint = ”
time = 10000 # Use seconds x 1000
app_name = (‘Test Application’)
title = (‘Whatever it is, is done’)
body = (‘Its all over.’)

bus = dbus.SessionBus()
notif = bus.get_object(item, path)
notify = dbus.Interface(notif, interface)
notify.Notify(app_name, 0, icon, title, body, array, hint, time)