Testing a specific github pull request

I often need to test specific github pull requests. All you need to know is that PR refs on github are of the form “refs/pull/pr/head” (pr is the pull request number). For example, here’s how you do it (for hypothetical PR 1234): git fetch origin refs/pull/1234/head git show FETCH_HEAD # see the patch git cherry-pick …

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How remote debugging works in Chrome

Chrome for Android allows pages to be debugged remotely from the desktop. The wire protocol for debugging is specified here. This post gives an overview on how the bridge is setup between desktop chrome and android chrome. 10,000 foot view When the Android phone is in Developer mode and USB debugging is enabled, Chrome for …

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Cordova plugin for UDP messages

I pushed a Cordova 3.x plugin today to send and receive UDP datagrams. It supports both unicast and multicast addressing. It supports only Android at the moment, I expect to iOS support at some point. You can find it here. Do cordova plugin add https://github.com/gramakri/cordova-plugin-datagram in your cordova project to install the plugin.