KOffice Alpha 8

Thomas Zander pointed out to me sometime back that my name got mentioned in the link on Slashdot. I thought “Wow, that’s so cool. My first time on the dot. I mean now that I am famous and all, I can sell signed merchandise at akademy :-) ”.

I read the techworld article and it said “Among the technology developments are improvements to the OpenDocument format, particularly the text shape that is the base of KWord thanks to the full-time work of the NLNet-sponsored Girish Ramakrishnan“.

It’s easy to misread that. I am sure glad that my contributions have been noticed but I wanted to put in a word for the others. It is indeed true that I made improvements but I have to point out that they are minor compared to huge (read: massive) chunk of code that was already there. I mean, hey, I just started 2 months ago and people have been working on this for years :-) .

So, thanks and congrats to the entire team for KOffice Alpha 8!