Looking for a maintainer for KDocker

Standard excuse – I have no time. I am looking for maintainer(s) for KDocker. Unlike it’s name suggests, it’s not a KDE application, it’s plain Qt 3.

Over the years (literally), I have just ignored bugs, feature requests, patches from many (~100) people. Today, I got a mail from Peter Toushkov with updated bulgarian translations. IIRC, there are two new language translations archived somewhere in my gmail account. I feel very bad about all the effort put in by these people go waste. I should have written this maybe a year back, but better late than never.

Why would you want to work on it?
– You get to learn a lot of Qt and X11 . In fact, this knowledge is what helped me write QSystemTrayIcon at TT :) . Some of the code in there is quite hard to get right on all WM.
– Actually, there is no maintanence work. The first task would probably be to rewrite everything in Qt4 using QSystemTrayIcon and still call the new code kdocker.
– Many people have mailed me with lots of innovative ideas which would be nice to implement.

Contact me, if you are interested.