N810 is awesome

I have been using the N810 for a week now. It’s plain awesome – its decently fast and most importantly things just work. The feel of the device is so good compared to my pricy 6110 S60 crap. I am really hoping Nokia will release a maemo based image for 6110 someday.

My previous experience with Nokia (device) development was with S60/Symbian which was just plain depressing. The Carbide would keep crapping out at the most inappropriate moments, the final product behaves differently than the simulator, the… Ah, I should stop here, I love bitching about S60 and Symbian. And I can do it forever :-)

So with some trepidation, yesterday I decided to get my N810 setup for development. It was so simple that I was sure I was missing something. Qt Hello World was up and running in short time. I wrote a small tutorial on how to get Qt installed on maemo.

Immediate thoughts: Maemo looks like a very hacker friendly platform. A big thing for me is that compared to the S60, I actually want to write apps for the N810.

Next Stop – Getting KOffice running.