Qt 4.3.0 beta released

We released Qt and Qtopia Core 4.3.0 beta source packages today. You can download them here. Binaries will be available by this friday. Note that the Open Source beta packages are now available under GPL.

Space being limited, a lot of non-buzzword-compliant features got unceremoniously dropped from the What’s new page. So here is a random list of features I can think of right away that are not mentioned there

* New platform Qt/MSYS (being the release manager, I get to shamelessly plug my feature first ;) )
* Unified tool bar for MAC
* New XML classes QXmlStreamReader and QXmlStreamWriter
* Object Bounding Mode for gradients
* QDir search path
* Perspective transformations
* Almost every Qt widget now supports styling using stylesheets (I will blog about all the enhancements in the days to come).
* QApplication::alert
* QDirIterator
* Prioritized posting of events
* Set operations on paths
* QWidget is now locale aware
* QColumnView
* Unicode 5 support
* Editing dynamic properties in Qt Designer
* The supremely cool Qt::BlockingQueuedConnections

A few more come to my mind but I will leave them for you to discover :) . Don’t hesitate to contact us at the qt4-preview-feedback for any help.

Happy hacking!