Qt 4.3.0 released

We just released 4.3.0. The What’s new page gives a comprehensive list of new features in Qt 4.3. One of the things about the open development process we have at Trolltech is that it leaves no room for surprise :) . So sorry, there is not a single surprise feature that we have not blogged or publicized already that I can mention in this post.

By popular demand, our changelog now mentions the public task number (wherever possible). You can use the trasktracker to get more information about the change. We will keep up this trend for future releases.

The other day all of Oslo dev met up at the terrace for some cake :) Here’s the 4.3 Oslo development team (click on the image and hover over the faces to see names).

Oslo development team

Here’s our Berlin team (click on the image and hover over the faces to see names)

Berlin development team

Hope you have as much fun using 4.3.0 as much as we had developing it.

Update 1: Added missing team members to picture
Update 2: Added Roberto and corrected Sam’s picture