Qt/Windows Open Source Edition to support VS Express

So here is more dramatic news following the Qtopia Phone is completely GPL announcement.

A couple of years back, we made a big move by Open Sourcing Qt for Windows. The Open Source edition of Qt/Windows supported only MinGW (and MinGW/MSYS starting Qt 4.3). The MSVC Makefile, project generator and the Integration was available only to commercial customers.

Today (a week back actually), we made another big move. We have decided to support Visual Studio Express with Qt/Windows Open Source – we are dual licensing the MSVC Makefile and project generator (Sorry, no VS Integration for Open Source users). Many thanks to our PM Eivind Thronsen for making this happen. So when will you get this? Well, if you had checked out the 4.3 snapshots, the generators have been available for about a week now. The mkspecs are on their way. We did schedule it for Qt 4.4 but some quick work by Marius and André will see this feature in Qt 4.3.2. Why make you wait for 5 more months to get hold of such goodness ;-) ?

The Visual Studio Express environment is just so much superior and easier to use for existing Windows developers compared to what MinGW provides. We foresee many of the Open Source projects switching to VS EE for development after this change. Video killed the radio star?