We are hiring!

It’s been a year and a half since my good friend Roopesh and I started this company, ForwardBias Technologies.  Starting our own business has been nothing short of exhilarating and fabulous.  Estimating turnover, pricing, talking to customers, deciding company vision/direction is all very very thrilling!

Since inception, we have been focusing our energies on Qt consulting. We have managed to carve a nice niche for ourselves in “high end” Qt consulting market – we have developed paint engines (yes, plural!), custom styles, a really cool full blown webkit application (which we will blog about shortly), hacked on koffice (for only a short while, unfortunately) and a lot more. I think I can safely say that our customers are enthralled with our work – every one of them has offered us more work.

And, we are also working on our hush-hush product in parallel. And despite me saying it’s all very exciting and fun, we are also getting a wee bit exhausted with all the action. It’s just two of us and we need more people!

So, am very happy to say, we are hiring! We have spoken our hearts out in that page and what we would like to repeat is that this is a company made for developers by developers and we are looking for fearless programmers – our customers and product requires one to constantly learn new things on the job and become good at it very fast.

And of course, some bonus points if you are already know KDE/Qt development.