Backgrounds, Pseudo states – Qt 4.3 Style Sheets

Since I will be posting lot of Style sheets, I figured this is about the right time to point out that Qt 4.3 Designer has a built-in CSS Syntax validator and highlighter. Just right click on any widget and “Edit Stylesheet…”. (screenshot here.) Background Qt 4.3 introduces support for background images in any QAbstractScrollArea derivative. […]

4.3.0 beta binaries

Open Source Open Source binaries are now available at There have been a couple of reports of compilation failing with MinGW. You can solve this in two ways – Either upgrade your Win32 API headers to atleast 3.7 OR use the binary package which comes with a fix for the compilation. Note that you […]


Whew, finally! Users of Qt/MinGW have been restricted to compiling and using Qt with the Windows shell cmd.exe. Compilation of Qt would fail even with the presence of the MSYS shell sh.exe in the PATH. This caveat, has over the years, resulted in very many user complaints including this, this, this, this, this and not […]

System tray update

Thanks to some great work by Sam Magnuson, QSystemTrayIcon::showMessage() will support Growl on the mac in Qt 4.3. With this change, supportsMessages() no longer returns false on any of our desktop platforms. Here’s the obligatory screenshot: Note that the documentation for showMessage() states that messages are not guaranteed to be displayed. As a result, we […]

Auto completion

Lost in all the Qt 4.2 publicity for Widget Style Sheets and Graphics View is the auto completion framework which makes it easy to provide auto completions in just about any widget. The framework is really just one class – QCompleter. The completer provides support for three completion modes – Inline, Popup and Unfiltered Popup. […]